Graduated from North East London Polytechnic (University of East London) BSc (Hons) Applied Biology in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacology.


Guys Hospital in the Purine Disorders department - Junior Science Researcher

University College London as a Science Researcher investigating Purinergic receptors with Prof Burnstock.

At UCL I met Dr Kenakin and Professor James Black (later Sir James Black and Nobel Prize winner). They invited me to join their department when they moved to Wellcome Research Laboratories in Beckenham. I worked in the cardiopulmonary receptor field to develop therapeutic drugs for atherosclerosis and COPD diseases.

I was later promoted to Senior Pharmacologist and joined Sir John Vane’s (also a Nobel Prize winner) group headed by Dr Salvador Moncada (now Sir Salvador) in the field of Prostaglandins investigating PGD2 receptors in the lungs and red blood cells. I was very fortunate to work in areas led by two Nobel Laureates and thoroughly enjoyed 10 years at Wellcome Research Laboratories, where I met many eminent scientists from all over the world. During this period, I published papers as a co-author in Pharmaceutical Journals and presented papers and posters at various Pharmaceutical Society meetings.

With the birth of my two children, I took a break to bring them up. Then, my career took a new turn. I did a PGCE course at Brunel University and retrained to teach Biology at Secondary Level. I experienced a range of teaching styles varying from Grammar to Comprehensive schools and then as a lecturer at a college of further education in Kent. At the college I taught mainly A Level and HND Biology, Physiology & Anatomy, Science for Public Understanding and was quite instrumental in setting up and developing the BTEC Forensic Science course. Forensic Science has become very popular and has connected with and motivated young people to take up the study of science.

Since teaching Science for Public Understanding (SPU), my interest has grown in this area and I am committed to making science accessible to the wider public. My aim is to summarize complex concepts into a moment of ‘I get it’, this gives me a massive buzz to get non-scientists curious about science. So, currently, I am concentrating on science writing, blogging, tutoring, invigilating and marketing our London video library called London Stock Footage (LSF). I am a director at LSF, linking me with media and communication. Through our filming business, I have worked with teams making programs for Teacher’s TV, Worldskills UK and as a consultant for some medical information programs.

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