Sheesh Bloomfield aka Pocket ScientistJust look at some of these pictures - beautiful autumn leaves, a trip to the majestic Taj Mahal in India, a strong cup of morning coffee; they are all bound and in existence because of science. The physics of architecture, the bio-chemistry of craving for that first cup of coffee and the ceaseless rhythm of biology through the seasons all inspire me and are explored in the blog.

Much that is around us can be explained by science. I love it when someone becomes excited about it and wants to learn more! My aim is to put complex scientific concepts in a more accessible language to the wider public without too much scientific jargon. My science blogs are written in a light hearted and anecdotal manner to explain science we encounter a lot of the time by use of some analogies. So, lets explore science together. It does not stand still and is constantly changing as new technology enables us to discover and look at things in ever increasing detail.

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